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Rely on innovative designs and high quality – with the tile manufacturer RO-International. Your vision is our mission! For your projects RO-International is your strong and reliable tile manufacturer partner! We are supplying high-quality tiles for commercial and household purposes since 2011 to major tiles wholesalers worldwide. If you want to buy floor tiles, the decisive factor for the selection is the specific purpose for which the tiles are to be used. Based on the durability of tiles, there are individual differences in the categories of the tile surface. As a tile manufacturer, we want to give you a brief overview of the variety of our products.

Porcelain stoneware tiles:

Porcelain stoneware tiles are ceramic tiles with very low porosity. They are available in natural stone designs, e.g., marble or granite. As a tile manufacturer, we enable a real low-cost alternative to natural marble and granite in terms of stability, design and quality. Because of their water and frost resistance, porcelain stoneware tiles are often used outdoors.

Double charge (Double body tiles):

A further development of the porcelain stoneware tiles in terms of durability and crack resistance. The higher durability results from the manufacturing technique: double body tiles consist of two layers, a lower one in the basic colour and an upper one with fed-coloured raw materials. This creates random colour designs – every tile has a very unique pattern. Doubled porcelain floor tiles are resistant to scratches, frost and fire, the colour and texture last lifetime. As a tile manufacturer recommendation: Ideally suited for airports, shopping centres and train stations and other commercial purposes.

Glazed wall tiles:

Glazed wall tiles are ceramic tiles with a high-water absorption capacity (approx. 10 – 12%). One side of the tile is glazed. They are best suited for interior walls. Our glazed wall tiles are 100% waterproof, so they are suitable for your bathroom and kitchen.


Quartz composite is an artificial composite rock made up of 93% natural quartz. After diamonds, quartz is the hardest material on earth. The properties of quartz are almost similar to granite. It is non porous, has a closed, waterproof surface, and therefore does not need to be impregnated. It is also scratch-resistant. Quartz composite material has zero percent water absorption and is, therefore, suitable for use in the bathroom, for washbasins, washstands, on edges near the bathtub, for window sills, or kitchen countertops.

Wood textures, hexagonal tiles, surface finishing – RO-International supplies the perfect tiles for every project

The types of tiles described here are only a small selection from our range from our wholesaler. We value a long-term business relationship, that is why we only offer inexpensive tiles that meet our high-quality requirements as a tile manufacturer. As a tile manufacturer, any design is possible for us to manufacture. Our innovations and continuous improvements make us the preferred supplier among tile Wholesaler and in the tile market. You can check our quality by ordering the sample free of cost. We would be happy to advise you in detail on the perfect tile selection for the individual areas of your building project..

We look forward to know you personally so that we can better understand and realize your vision!